Greg MacDonald Plumbing is a professional plumbing service created to provide the quality, safe and friendly service you expect and deserve in a plumbing service provider.

We have over ten years of experience in providing the following services:
  • Gas Fitter
  • Service / Repair
  • Certified Backflow/Cross Connection
  • Water Treatment
  • Kitchen / Bathroom Renovation

Gas Fitter

Gas fitting involves the installation of natural gas lines in homes and other commercial buildings. Greg MacDonald will inspect your premises and figure out the materials needed to proceed. Installation of gas lines is followed by the installation of related equipment, including meters, valves, burners, etc. After all equipment is installed, we will continue to maintain and repair the equipment.


After every job we will maintain all equipment to ensure everything is working and functioning correctly to ensure you and your home are safe.

Certified Backflow/Cross Connection

Backflow is when water flows backward from its natural flow, causing the contamination of drinking water. Using backflow prevention equipment, Greg MacDonald can prevent any water contamination to ensure your water is clean and safe. We ensure there is no cross connection between process pipes, which may have the possibility to interfere and contaminate the pipes carrying your clean water.


gas fitter wrenching


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Water Treatment

For pure, clean drinking water, free of contaminants, Greg MacDonald offers clients water treatment services. This will prevent any illness associated with contaminated drinking water, and even can make your water taste better.


Kitchen/Bathroom Renovations

Thinking of updating your home? You would be surprised how complex the pipe systems involved when providing your home’s water supply. We can make sure that all your piping is undamaged and in good working order while your home is being renovated.

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